Get to know Vacuum Packaging Machines and Plastic Types of Packing You Can Choose Here

The packaging of a product or food ingredient is certainly a matter of concern because if the packaging you make is not good, it will reduce the quality of the product in it. No wonder many people now use vacuum packaging to make the packaging airtight and not reduce the quality of food in it. That way, whatever type of food you pack, will be food that is kept awake and fresh.

Packaging plays an important role in product sales turnover, because of quality packaging will certainly improve the quality of a product. Poor packaging will certainly reduce the quality of a product, such as damaged products, unhygienic products that lead to losses. This will also lead to a decrease in sales turnover of a product. If there is a problem that occurs regarding the packaging that you do, such as there is air in the packaging and make the contents become damaged, then you must immediately handle it properly. To get the right Vacuum Packaging, you can choose some of these types

- Liquid Filling Packaging Machine - Syrup Bottle Filling Machine, Drug Bottles, - Special Filling Packaging Machine - This machine is specifically as a packaging machine for joint products - Liquid Sachet Packaging Machine - Sealer machine is a machine that functions as a plastic or aluminum foil packaging, we also have a variety of other sealer machines such as cup sealer machines that work specifically as cup packaging.

You only need to choose what suits your needs. In addition to the packaging machines that you have to twist, another thing that is equally important is the type of plastic that you use to package the food. There are several types of plastic packaging that you can choose to pack food or other products to be durable and long lasting. Some types of plastic in question are

1. Vacuum Bag This packaging material is made of PE and Nylon which has a thickness of up to 80 microns. Usually, this packaging is for wrapping foods such as seafood, meatballs, fish, meat, beans, rice, and sausages. The selling price of this plastic is usually cheap and you can find it in various markets around you. This vacuum plastic is used to increase the durability or long expiration of a product. With the presence of barrier nylon, the air cannot enter again when the air inside the vacuum has come out. In the absence of air in the packaging microorganisms that cause odor and stale cannot reproduce so that food lasts longer for months than if using other plastics.

2. Stand Up Pouch Liquid This package is made from Pe material plus nylon is also just thicker than vacuum bag. It reaches 140 microns thick. This plastic packaging uses thick plastic with a seal. Usually used to package liquid shaped products such as cooking oil, liquid soap, soy sauce and others. This plastic uses sophisticated machines so that diplomatic fluids will certainly not leak. This package can also be vacuumed so that it can remove air bubbles inside the packaging. The price of this packaging is more expensive than the vacuum bag, but you can still get it without having to pay a price that is too expensive. You can choose both types of plastic and you adjust them to your needs.